The Whole Enchilada


For $1,000, you can become a PR expert with The Whole Enchilada: PR101, PR201 and PR301 together!


The online courses PR101-Foundations, PR201-Outreach, and PR301-Leverage all stand on their own and provide insight on the different pieces required to launch and sustain a successful public relations plan. Some courses may be right for certain people, yet others may benefit from all three.

The Whole Enchilada is a package deal: for $1,000, you can sign-up for all three courses together!

With The Whole Enchilada you’ll get:

  • helpful instruction and content from three full online courses
  • 6 webinars
  • 3 conference calls
  • 9 weeks of focused learning
  • personalized feedback from award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies

As a recap, here are summaries of the three courses:

PR101: Understanding what public relations (PR) is, and what it is not, is essential to success. This course will explain the difference and relationship between PR, marketing, and advertising, in addition to introducing the tools and methodologies that make up a professional PR plan.

PR201: You’ve built your PR plan, crafted strategic messaging, and even written your first press release and blog post. Now it’s time to take on the high-risk, high-reward challenge of reaching out to news media to realize a tremendous return on investment. Learn how to increase your audience reach exponentially through interviews, feature articles, opinion pieces, and other substantive coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, and websites in the U.S. and across the globe.

PR301: You’ve got a PR plan humming along, driving interest in your business or organization. With this activity comes opportunities for driving more traffic to your website; improving your standing with stakeholders; achieving more publicity with audio and video; defending attacks on your brand; and overcoming unfortunate circumstances having to do with technology failures, customer complaints or outright crisis situations.

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