Social Media


Finding unique ways to leverage your ongoing business activities to out-gun competitors is what makes a savvy entrepreneur successful. It’s the same with social media — if you’re taking the time to get your value proposition in front of target audiences, make sure you win them over by unleashing the full power of the most popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Length of program: 1 week


Social media is an essential PR tool for driving more traffic to your website; improving your standing with stakeholders; achieving more publicity; defending attacks on your brand; and overcoming unfortunate circumstances having to do with technology failures, customer complaints or outright crisis situations.

This course features interaction with award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies including written feedback on your social media plan.

This course incorporates a conference call hosted by award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies, downloadable resources, as well as written feedback on participant materials and access to a members-only Facebook group.

Length of program: 1 week

  • social media’s place in your PR plan
  • using social media to drive website traffic
  • finding your customers on social media
  • which social media platforms are right for you?
  • building your social media channels
  • avoiding social media pitfalls
  • keeping tabs on competitors
  • protecting your brand
  • responding to negative criticism
  • how to deal with bad press
  • time-saving social media tools
  • how to build and manage a social media plan
  • how to generate hidden PR opportunities with social media


  • review supporting documentation (do’s and don’ts, how to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) emailed to participants
  • build your own social media channels
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed via email