PR301 – Leverage


Finding unique ways to leverage your ongoing business activities to out-gun competitors is what makes a savvy entrepreneur successful. It’s the same with public relations — if you’re taking the time to get your value proposition in front of target audiences, make sure you win them over by unleashing the full power of PR.

Length of program: 3 weeks

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You’ve got a PR plan humming along, driving interest in your business or organization. With this activity comes opportunities for driving more traffic to your website; improving your standing with stakeholders; achieving more publicity with audio and video; defending attacks on your brand; and overcoming unfortunate circumstances having to do with technology failures, customer complaints or outright crisis situations.

This course features interaction with award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies including written feedback on your crisis communication plan!

This advanced course incorporates two webinars and a conference call, as well as written feedback on participant materials. Supporting documentation is emailed to registered participants after each event, and each webinar is archived for 90 days in a password-protected area for exclusive access at a later date.

Length of program: 3 weeks


  • using PR for SEO
  • gauging success of your PR plan and communicating it to stakeholders
  • tips on being on TV
  • how to podcast and videocast
  • building and sharing audio and video channels
  • how to generate hidden PR opportunities (like at tradeshows)


  • review supporting documentation (audio and video do’s and don’ts, hidden PR targeting) emailed to participants
  • build audio/video channels
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed during follow-up webinar
  • keeping tabs on competitors
  • protecting your brand
  • responding to negative criticism
  • how to deal with bad press
  • building a crisis communication plan
  • making lemonade out of lemons (leveraging a crisis to your advantage)


  • review supporting documentation (competitor research tools, essential elements of a crisis communication plan) emailed to participants
  • build your crisis communication plan outline and send it to Dave Menzies for review and feedback
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed during final week conference call

Join a live conversation with fellow participants and Dave Menzies to discuss questions about crisis communication and how to hold a successful press conference for good and bad news.