PR101 – Foundations


Your business needs momentum — you need to get in front of customers, investors, and strategic partners with your value proposition ASAP. How can you do this in the least amount of time with the biggest return on investment?

Length of program: 3 weeks


Public relations or “PR” is an extremely effective way to reach your target audience with your strategic messaging. Understanding what PR is — and what it is not — is essential to success. This course will explain the difference and relationship between PR, marketing, and advertising, in addition to introducing the tools and methodologies that make up a professional PR plan.

This course features interaction with award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies including written feedback on your press release and blog post!

PR101 incorporates two webinars and a conference call in addition to written feedback on participant homework. Each webinar is archived for 90 days in a password-protected area for exclusive access at a later date.

Length of program: 3 weeks

  • understanding the role PR plays in business success
  • what PR is (and isn’t)
  • PR and the three tiers of business development
  • elements of a PR plan
  • the difference between a plan and a campaign
  • good and bad publicity
  • time management and running your PR plan
  • deciding who should run your PR plan internally
  • do’s and don’ts in using outside vendors
  • setting-up benchmarks to track success
  • creating a PR plan outline
  • Q&A at the end of the webinar with Dave Menzies


  • review supporting documentation (PR plan elements, do’s and don’ts, webinar summary) emailed to participants
  • develop outline of PR plan
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed during follow-up webinar
  • reviewing your PR plan outline
  • developing the tools for use in your PR plan
  • identifying your audience (clients)
  • determining your true value proposition
  • building and re-purposing your strategic messaging
  • customizing content
  • setting your editorial calendar
  • pulling the trigger and getting the word out
  • Q&A with Dave Menzies


  • review supporting documentation (PR plan tools, strategic messaging sample, webinar summary) emailed to participants
  • write your first press release and blog post and send them to Dave Menzies for review and feedback
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed during final week conference call

Join a live conversation with fellow participants and pick the brain of award-winning PR practitioner Dave Menzies about launching your PR plan and learn extra ways to disseminate strategic messaging.