Media Relations


You visit your favorite business website, pick up your trusted industry magazine or newspaper, or tune into a television or radio news program and there they are — your competitors, talking about their products or services to an audience full of your prospects and customers. Why are they getting all this free publicity instead of you?

Length of program: 2 weeks


Ever wonder how your competitors get into those high-profile magazines, websites or TV news shows? Learn how to increase your audience reach exponentially through interviews, feature articles, opinion pieces, and other substantive coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, and websites in the U.S. and across the globe.

Media relations is an important component of an effective PR plan to get your strategic messaging in front of tens of thousands of people in a matter of minutes. The trick is to know how to reach out to reporters and editors in the news media and get them interested in talking about your business.

This course features interaction with award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies including written feedback on your reporter pitch and talking points!

This course incorporates two conference calls, access to a members-only Facebook group, downloadable materials, and written feedback on participant materials from award-winning PR coach and consultant Dave Menzies.

Length of program: 2 weeks

  • understanding media relations
  • how news coverage can help or hurt you
  • the difference between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 media
  • different types of journalists
  • who to approach, editors or reporters
  • where to find news outlets that will help you
  • what type of coverage should you be looking for
  • the secret of editorial calendars
  • being on-the-record versus off-the-record


  • review supporting documentation (media types, where to find news outlets) emailed to participants
  • develop draft media list
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed during follow-up conference call
  • building your relationship with journalists
  • researching reporters
  • the three step process of reaching out and soliciting coverage
  • giving reporters what they want (without giving away the farm)
  • setting up interview parameters
  • how to talk to reporters
  • sticking to the message
  • talking points, blocks, and bridges
  • what to do if the interview goes south
  • how to follow-up to an interview
  • tracking and using positive news coverage


  • review supporting documentation (bridges and blocks, talking points guide, media outreach tips) emailed to participants
  • write your reporter pitch and talking points and send them to Dave Menzies for review and feedback
  • send questions to Dave Menzies to be addressed via email