Public relations is a very niche field, with a limited number of successful, experienced practitioners, and even fewer entrepreneurs and business owners who happen to have any sort of background in PR. I can help your business or organization get things headed in the right direction with customizable training services.

“In a single training session Dave helped a dozen of our portfolio companies learn what it takes to launch an effective PR plan, from building messaging to talking with reporters to using social media the right way. One of our companies liked him so much, they hired him to manage their PR for them.” – Private Equity Firm

Group Training

If you’d like to take certain elements of public relations and media outreach and add it to your team’s repertoire, I am available for group training sessions. These can be done in-person or online, and include an informative presentation on PR, media relations, strategic messaging, crisis communication, and other various elements of building and managing an effective public relations plan. Attendees will takeaway an understanding of the various tools and methodologies used to communicate to target audiences, as well as what to avoid.

PR for Startups

The group training program PR for Startups gives the inside scoop on this highly effective tool for building buzz with target constituencies. The most cost-effective form of outreach with the highest return on investment, PR (public relations) helps boot-strapping entrepreneurs and small businesses leap-frog competitors in a crowded marketplace to attract eager investors, pre-qualified customers and talented employees.

Audience: Entrepreneurs, small businesses, incubators/co-working spaces

Length of Program: 4 hours (half day)

Program Breakdown:
Presentation 1: Understanding PR
Attendee work session
Presentation 2: Building Your PR Plan
Attendee work session
Office hours/1-on-1 consulting

Click here for more information on PR for Startups.

Communication Audit

A half- or full-day session with your executive team and sales and marketing staff to learn about your past, present, and future publicity, marketing, tradeshow, and sales efforts; your company’s differentiators from competitors; your value proposition; who your target audience is; what your target audience needs from you; where your target audience gets their information related to buying products and services; where your blind spots are; and what your company’s message is now and what it should be.

After performing the communication audit, I will help your team take the next steps toward building a PR plan, crafting strategic messaging, and utilizing tools and methodologies for getting in front of your target audiences. This plan can then be implemented by your internal staff or outsourced vendors.

Media Training

Are you a business executive who wants (or needs) to get in front of news media? Whether it’s print, online, radio, TV, or a press conference, there are ways to win over reporters and get your message across, regardless of the circumstances. There are also many things to avoid which, if not addressed, could do serious damage to your brand. I will provide an interactive group or individual baseline training program customized to specific needs.

For more information and pricing on any of the consulting and training services above, please fill out this form or call Dave Menzies at (910) 899-8935.