How Strategic Messaging Can Help You

David Menzies Innovative Public Relations Raleigh North Carolinaby Dave Menzies

The other day I received a press release from a global manufacturing company with close to 3,000 employees and revenue in the $700-$800 million range. It was announcing a new office opening in a major U.S. city. Pretty heady stuff, except…the press release was absolutely terrible. It was a total of eight (8) sentences long without any details about how the new office was continuing the company’s worldwide expansion, what benefits it would bring to customers, what it meant to investors, etc. You would think a company that large could afford to hire someone who understood the value of disseminating a substantive press release to valued third-party media and, by default, target audiences, and the dangers of putting out something so hideous. The worst thing about this particular release was that it lacked any strategic messaging communicating the company’s value proposition to target audiences, which is really the purpose of press releases in the first place. Continue reading How Strategic Messaging Can Help You

Gaining Customers Via Strategic Messaging, Editorial Content

Getting Customers Via Strategic Messagingby Dave Menzies

Placing ads in magazines, newspapers, and online outlets that your prospects and customers (i.e. your target audience) frequent is a way to enhance branding and drive awareness of your business name, logo, etc. However, today’s consumer has continued to insulate his or herself from the onslaught of advertising messages both mentally and through technology such as pausing live TV and fast-forwarding through commercials, and closing or outright blocking online pop-up ads. If a target audience is actively avoiding advertising messages, the challenge then becomes how to get in front of them to initiate a desire to buy. Continue reading Gaining Customers Via Strategic Messaging, Editorial Content