Tips for Successful Media Relations

David Menzies Innovative Public Relations Raleigh North Carolinaby Dave Menzies

Not a lot of business executives understand what public relations really is, and even less know what it can be used for. Out of the small swath of savvy businesspeople who do get the basics of it — “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” – Public Relations Society of America, 2012 — an even smaller percentage know one of its key tools, media relations. At its core, media relations enables PR practitioners to build relationships with influential reporters and editors at key industry and mainstream news outlets popular with prospects, customers, and other stakeholders of a business or organization. Successful media relations can result in high-profile coverage that buries competitors while increasing market share. Continue reading Tips for Successful Media Relations

Gaining Customers Via Strategic Messaging, Editorial Content

Getting Customers Via Strategic Messagingby Dave Menzies

Placing ads in magazines, newspapers, and online outlets that your prospects and customers (i.e. your target audience) frequent is a way to enhance branding and drive awareness of your business name, logo, etc. However, today’s consumer has continued to insulate his or herself from the onslaught of advertising messages both mentally and through technology such as pausing live TV and fast-forwarding through commercials, and closing or outright blocking online pop-up ads. If a target audience is actively avoiding advertising messages, the challenge then becomes how to get in front of them to initiate a desire to buy. Continue reading Gaining Customers Via Strategic Messaging, Editorial Content